Things I wish I knew before working with Terraform

I appreciate my current working place, Endava, for providing me with the time and tools needed to create this blog post.

This blog post was split in two parts and is available in the official Endava Engineering blog:

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Messaging apps for the future, or asking for a feature

We have a lot of messaging apps, we can’t deny that. Some really populars, other not so much. But they are working for real, are part of our days. Personally I just want to use one app (I try hard, really try hard), in my case Hangouts by Google, but these days this seems to be almost impossible. Maybe it’s because of the community effect, or is releated by the scope of this apps (besides Telegram vs WhatsApp, I see that every messaging app are targeting different objectives). [Read More]

Diodon, an Indicator Applet to manage the clipboard on Ubuntu

The clipboard management is something really important for me at the time of using an Operative System. Diodon is an excellent clipboard manager that is integrated with Ubuntu and its Unity interface. To install it we just need to use the PPA available from their sitio de Launchpad (since the next Ubuntu version, 13.04 Raring Ringtail, Diodon will be available from the official repositories), we can make it on a console: [Read More]