Messaging apps for the future, or asking for a feature

Google Messages

We have a lot of messaging apps, we can’t deny that. Some really populars, other not so much. But they are working for real, are part of our days.


Personally I just want to use one app (I try hard, really try hard), in my case Hangouts by Google, but these days this seems to be almost impossible. Maybe it’s because of the community effect, or is releated by the scope of this apps (besides Telegram vs WhatsApp, I see that every messaging app are targeting different objectives).


How to communicate with other people, the laziest way. Yep, we are lazies and that’s not a crime, that’s part of our DNA. We want this fastest, easiest and lovelies.


We don’t want to make a lot of steps to send a message, we want the shortcut (even Facebook think that their Facebook messenger Platform is the future with their Messenger Platform). That’s why choosing an apps is not an easy task, but thanks to the momentum of some of them and the specific scope, you don’t choose, they choose you.


But, I don’t want to talk about messaging apps, I want to talk about a feature that started in my head some weeks ago. Maybe it’s already implemented, If you know a messaging app with this feature I will like to test it.

Disposable contacts


Some day you send your favorite shoes for reparation, maybe you need to go to the phone store to make a plan change or you just have to wait in the line to eat in your favorite restaurant. I don’t want to wait for this. I just want to go when the things are ready, when I’m able to be attended.


Why can’t you just contact me when the thing are ready?


But, how? How can you contact me?… Ah! Ok, using the messaging app!, whatever it is. Just share your phone number, your cryptic ID or simply your mail. But, and this is the big BUT, I don’t want that you have my personal information. I want that you contact me only for what I want not for whatever o for everything that you (the anything-store) want. A temporal relationship. If I gave you this personal information, you will contact me for reasons that I don’t want, I just want this little and precious message telling me that the dinner is ready, that it’s my turn in the “line”.


Using a disposable contact that I can share with anybody just for what I want will be great. When our “relationship” ends, I just can remove your contact, and, even if you have my contact data, this can be disabled so I will not get your messages, you are sending them to the “bits heaven”.

FB Messenger

There is a big problem, platforms are not cheap. You need to build your messaging apps with money, so here is the problem. If some day someone can build this feature it won’t be from Google/Facebook or anybody who “likes” my data as a tasty pie. Or maybe I’m wrong, these days you only need to be used, not to be profitable, or, at least this is what the market seems to be doing right now.


If you can do something with this, please steal my idea and make it real!

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