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Is mac good for Software Development? - The good points

This my biased opinion from my current role as DevOps and my experience in this field using a Mac in the last 6+ months (I used before Windows or Linux). You can read my other article with my personal issues with Mac.

Some of these points are from my personal taste, others are, being honest, really good points!


Normal keyboards shortcuts work in Terminal/iTerm

Oh, boy! This is really helpful, being on Windows or Linux is a difficult thing to copy or paste some text in the Terminal. In macOS you can use the same old shortcut, CMD+C to copy, CMD+X to cut or CMD+V to paste any text as in all the other apps! In other OS you have to learn tricky shortcuts or use external apps to achieve that.

The Trackpad/Touchpad is really gooooood

It is! Big, responsive and useful combined with the macOS gestures to Zoom or navigate in different apps. A god tool if you are the mousy guy/girl.

Sound is great!

Are you a developer that needs to focus on listening to Reggaeton/Metal/Pop/Instrumental music (hey, I don’t judge) that helps you to stroke the precise keys while you work?, the Apple’s Mac line will be the precise tool to enjoy your music with a loud, clear and based tone.

Long cable of charger

Long cables just give you problems most of the time, but not when you are coding in that little coffee table away from the power outlet. You will reach it!


Expensive, yeah, but Mac will give you a device for a long time with no issues and most of the time a top line hardware.


Middle of the night, fixing that annoying bug and… your screen just collapses. Ok, Apple Services are not going to help you in minutes, but you can be sure that you baby is covered by warranty with a great coverage in the world 🌎. Helpful when you are working in countries where it is cheaper to buy outside of your country.

Unix baby!

If you are developing for a platform, you will enjoy to be close to the system where your code will be deployed, and with a big probability It will be Linux, also using grep, |, sed or similar commands will help you a lot of time debugging or checking some files in your local services.

My Opinion

From my personal point of view, no, mac/macOS is a bad platform to do Software Development or to work with in this industry. You can see a complementary post, Is mac good for Software Development? - The issues

Yeah, it can work, but personally is not the great idea.

So, that’s all, do you have any other? Leave it in the comments!